Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lecture at Mahidol Part 1: Application of Machine Learning in Biosurveillance--A Collaborative Approach by Kass-Hout and di Tada

Machine Learning And Disease Surveillance/Biosurveilance Kass Hout Di Tada

From: kasshout, 15 minutes ago

The majority of the designs, analyses and evaluations of early detection (or biosurveillance) systems have been geared towards specific data sources and detection algorithms. Much less effort has been focused on how these systems will "interact" with humans. For example, consider multiple domain experts working at different levels across different organizations in an environment where numerous biosurveillance algorithms may provide contradictory interpretations of ongoing events. We present a framework that consists of a collection of autonomous, machine learning-enabled analytic processes, services and tools that; for the first time, will seamlessly integrate surveillance and response systems with human experts.

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